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New MexiKids and New MexiTeens
What are the New MexiKids and New MexiTeens Programs?
New MexiKids and New MexiTeens are no cost or low cost health care coverage programs for children and young
adults under 19 years of age. The programs are some of the many that are available to New Mexico's families from
the Human Services Department's Insure New Mexico! Solutions. New MexiKids and New MexiTeens are part of the
New Mexico Medicaid program that is also known as Salud!.

Health care coverage for New MexiKids and New MexiTeens helps pay for regular check-ups, doctor visits, dental visits,
hospital care, prescriptions, glasses, and hearing and vision exams. Other services may also be covered if they are
medically necessary.

Eligibility for all Insure New Mexico! Solutions programs is based on citizenship, residency, income and other factors
(such as resource levels, medical factors, and sometimes, an individual's current health insurance coverage status).

If your family’s household income is less than 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), health care services can be
provided to your child through New MexiKids and New MexiTeens at no cost to you. If your household income is between
185% - 235% of the FPL, some of the health care services your child receives may require a low co-payment at the time
those services are provided. Click here to see the CHIP co-payment fact sheet. Some preventative services such as
immunizations do not require a co-payment regardless of household income levels.

Individuals enrolled in New MexiKids and New MexiTeens may choose one of four Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
to provide their medical services. These MCOs are:

          Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (Blue Salud!)

          Lovelace Community Health Plan (Lovelace Salud!)

          Molina Healthcare (Molina Salud!)

          Presbyterian Health Plan (Presbyterian Salud!)
How to Apply for New MexiKids and/or New MexiTeens
You can apply for New MexiKids and New MexiTeens at most clinics, hospitals, primary care clinics and some schools
and community organizations. You may also visit your local Income Support Division (ISD) office. ISD is the division
within the Human Services Department that determines eligibility for all of the Human Services Department's assistance

Before you go to any of these application locations, you may download and complete the application.English application
or Spanish application .To complete the application process, you should take these items
with you when you apply:
         Proof of past four weeks of income (if working) 
         Child(ren)'s social security numbers
         Original Birth Certificate (or certified copy) for each child
         Proof of any other health insurance you may have
         Photo ID for each child (if such an ID exists)

To learn more about New MexiKids or New MexiTeens or to have an application mailed to you, you may call the
Insure New Mexico! Solutions Center at 1-888-997-2583.

You do not need to be a U.S. Citizen to apply for New MexiKids or New MexiTeens coverage on behalf of your children.
Please do not let fear of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) keep you from seeking assistance.
Receiving medical assistance for your children will not prevent you from becoming a lawful permanent resident or U.S. Citizen.
If you are an immigrant without permission to be in the U.S., you do not need to provide immigration status information,
social security numbers, or other similar proofs for yourself; however, you must provide proof of income because part of your
income may count towards your child’s eligibility.

No se requiere que Ud. sea ciudadano(a) de los Estados Unidos para aplicar por cobertura de salud de New Mexikids o
New MexiTeens a nombre de sus niños. No permita temor a los Servicios de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados
Unidos (La Migra) renunciar a la asistencia que necesitan. Al recibir asistencia médica para sus niños no tendrá ninguna
consecuencia negativa para Ud. cuando solicite su residencia permanente o su ciudadanía. Si Ud. es un inmigrante sin
permiso para residir en los Estados Unidos, no tiene que proporcionar su estatus migratorio, su número de seguro social o
otra prueba similar. Ud. necesita proporcionar prueba de sus ingresos porque son contados para la elegibilidad de sus niños.